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Release Blitz ~ A Secret Surrender - The Pretenders by Darcy Burke


Determined to prove that Madame Sybila is a fraud bent on fleecing London’s elite, Harry Sheffield enlists the help of the alluring Lady Gresham in exchange for introducing her to Society’s best. With his busy career and aspirations for the future, Harry has no time for marriage, but an affair is just right—until he discovers the lady’s disarming secret. Whatever his feelings for her, he can’t ignore who she is and who she’s been. And when she holds the key to the one case he couldn’t solve, he must choose justice or love.


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Excerpt: Sneak peek at chapter 1

About The Author:

Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, emotional historical and contemporary romance. 

Darcy wrote her first book at age 11, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female 

swan who loved him, with exceedingly poor illustrations. Click here to Join her Reader Club.

A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, artist daughter, 

and imaginative son who will almost certainly out-write her one day (that may be tomorrow).

They’re a crazy cat family with two Bengal cats, a small, fame-seeking cat named after a fruit, an older rescue 

Maine Coon with attitude to spare, and a collection of neighbor cats who hang out on the deck and occasionally 

venture inside. You can find Darcy at a winery, in her comfy writing chair, or binge-watching TV with the family.

Her happy places are Disneyland, Labor Day weekend at the Gorge, Denmark, 

and anywhere in the UK—so long as her family is there too.

Sales Blitz ~ Anne and Charles - Passion and Politics in Late Medieval France by Rozsa Gaston


Title: Anne and Charles
Author: Rozsa Gaston
Genre: Historical Fiction
When Anne of Brittany's father dies in 1488, she becomes Duchess of Brittany, her country's ruler at age eleven. For the next three years, the unmarried, orphaned duchess is pursued by suitors while Brittany is invaded by its larger, more powerful neighbor of France. With no other way out, at age fourteen she agrees to marry Charles VIII, King of France, to save her country. Better to be a queen than a prisoner...
Unexpectedly, a passionate relationship ensues. Yet Charles cannot shake off bad habits he has brought into their marriage, and Anne cannot help him in his darkest area of struggle.
Together, they introduce the wonders of the Italian Renaissance to France, building one of Europe’s most glorious 15th century courts at their royal residence in Amboise, in the heart of the Loire Valley.
But year after year they fail to achieve the one most important aim they must accomplish to secure the future of their kingdom. As they desperately attempt to make their shared dream come true, an unexpected twist of fate irrevocably changes the fortunes of both Anne and Charles.
Book One of the Anne of Brittany Series, the gripping tale of a larger than life queen. Next in the series is Anne and Louis, general fiction winner of the Publishers Weekly 2018 BookLife Prize.
Continue your discovery of Anne of Brittany with Sense of Touch: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany's Court, a captivating tale of forbidden love in the 15th century French royal court.
Rozsa Gaston writes playful books on serious matters, including the struggles women face to get what they want out of life. She studied European history at Yale, and received her Master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University. In between, Gaston worked as a singer/pianist all over the world. She lives in Bronxville, NY with her family.
Gaston is currently working on Anne and Louis: Middle Years, Book Three of the Anne of Brittany Series, a fictional account of the life of Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, during the middle years of her second marriage from 1499-1514 to Louis XII, King of France. Her other books include Sense of Touch: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court, Budapest Romance, Dog Sitters, Paris Adieu, Black is Not a Color, and Running from Love.
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Anne and Louis: Rulers and Lovers:
“And did my worries not trouble you when your army saw fit to invade my father’s castle in Nantes?” The duchess’ eyes narrowed but not before a flash like the glint of a steel blade escaped them, nicking Charles with its intensity.
Charles thought fast. “They did, my lady. And for that reason, every item in the castle of your birth is intact and untouched by my men.”
“And my books?”
“All five-hundred-and-fifty-three, my lady. Have you read many of them?”
“I have, Monsieur. My father raised me well.”
“I am much impressed." Her self-confidence shot a thrill through him. What he wouldn't give to own a smidgen of such confidence or to have a woman with such at his side, helping him rule his kingdom. "And my father didn’t raise me well, but maybe one day I will be a father who imparts learning to his children the way Duke Francis did with you.” He straightened himself to his highest height possible—not very high in anyone’s book. Fortunately, the woman he addressed was a good hand shorter, as slight as a wisp, but with every appearance of sturdiness in her demeanor.
He watched as she studied him, her mouth formed into the shape of a rosebud. The unruly thought of kissing it sprang up inside him, like an underground spring breaking through to the surface. He stifled it.
“My father was a great man.” A wistful smile played on the duchess’ lips.
In his own estimation, Duke Francis II had not been an especially great ruler. But God forbid he get in the way of the love between a daughter and her father, Charles thought, remembering his own father's love for his eldest daughter. Louis XI had made him feel like a simpleton, only fit to be led around by his much smarter oldest sister.
Charles' blood boiled. The moment had come to change what others thought of him, beginning with his family members.
“Will you come with me, Princesse la Duchesse?” He held out his hand, praying she would take it. He could see she pined for her father. He would try to substitute— although his feelings, when he drank in her sweet face and figure, were anything but fatherly.
Anne of Brittany lifted her chin and hesitated. Charles sensed the room freeze, the duchess’ attendants intent upon their sovereign’s next move.
“Where do you lead me?” Her hand remained at her side.
He had no idea, but it looked as if she was used to having her way, so he tossed the ball into her court. “To the direction you tell me your favorite garden is in.”
“A good plan.” Her smile this time was wider, but not too wide—just wide enough to swallow the reason of the young king of France in its expanse. Stepping forward, she took his hand.

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Book Tour & Giveaway ~ Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic - Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries by Victoria Hamilton

Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic 
Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries Book 4
by Victoria Hamilton 
Genre: Historical Mystery 

Lady Anne is in Bath staying with her mother and grandmother while planning her nuptials and awaiting the arrival of Lord Darkefell. Word reaches her of a profoundly accurate mystic working in town, and while she doesn't believe in such things, she's eager to visit for an hour of harmless entertainment. 

But the Mystic of Bath seems to know things, and her dark pronouncements have a decidedly harmful affect on Lady Anne's friends--and may have led a gentle and well-liked local cleric to take his own life. Or… did someone else have a hand in his death? He had secrets and enemies, Lady Anne learns. 

Convinced that the woman's predictions are all part of larger scam, possibly in league with other mysterious individuals who have become prominent on the Bath scene, Lady Anne must navigate the swirling rumors and murky affiliations of Bath society to unmask the charlatan for what she is and discover the real culprit behind a tragic death. 

**Start the series for only .99cents!!** 

Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark 
Lady Anne Addison Mysteries Book 1 

**Only .99 cents! ** 

Victoria Hamilton is the pseudonym of nationally bestselling romance author Donna Lea Simpson. Victoria is the national bestselling author of four mystery series: the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, the Merry Muffin Mysteries, the Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries and the Gentlewoman's Guide Regency Mysteries. She is also the bestselling author of Regency and historical romance as Donna Lea Simpson.

Her latest adventure in writing is a Regency-set historical mystery series, starting with A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder! Don't miss out on this bold, adventurous series featuring gentlewoman Miss Emmeline St. Germaine, a young lady intent on defying every expectation that she will be demure and retiring; she's a lady with a dagger, and she knows how to use it.
She is also continuing the Lady Anne Addison mystery series with a new title, The Menacing Mystic, coming July 7th, 2020. Later this year there will also be a new Merry Muffin Mystery, Double or Muffin.

Victoria loves to read, especially mystery novels, and enjoys good tea and cheap wine, the company of friends, and has a newfound appreciation for opera. She enjoys crocheting and beading, but a good book can tempt her away from almost anything… except writing!

She now happily writes about vintage kitchen collecting, muffin baking and dead bodies for publisher Beyond the Page.

Visit Victoria at: for availability of her books, some of which have also been published in Large Print and Audio formats!

You can find out more about her and all of her series at her website, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. 

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Book Tour & Giveaway ~ What Frees the Heart - Cowbird Creek by Karen A Wyle

**New Release!**
What Frees the Heart
Cowbird Creek Book 2
by Karen A. Wyle
Genre: Western Historical Romance 

Can they set each other free?

Cowbird Creek has its share of troubled souls. For Tom, a farmer’s son, losing his leg felt like losing his future. Jenny, a young prostitute at Madam Mamie’s parlor house, has never thought she had much future to lose.

But the job Tom is able to get leads him to rediscover a long neglected talent. And both Tom and Jenny have a knack for hitting on new possibilities. Can they, together, find a better path?

This novel, second in a series, returns to the small town of Cowbird Creek, Nebraska, in early 1876, a few months after the conclusion of What Heals the Heart. Several favorite characters from Book 1 make return appearances.

"Truly a romantic tale . . . . Wonderful characters, many with hearts of gold, small-minded characters that truly showed their ignorance and dreams that couldn’t be broken . . . from an author who lets her words feed our imaginations." – Tome Tender review

"Magnificent story . . . a remarkable historical romance . . . great chemistry between the characters . . . It is always a joy to read this author's stories." – Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

What Heals the Heart
Cowbird Creek Book 1

Joshua Gibbs survived the Civil War, building on his wartime experiences to become a small town doctor. And if he wakes from nightmares more often than he would like, only his dog Major is there to know it.
Then two newcomers arrive in Cowbird Creek: Clara Brook, a plain-speaking and yet enigmatic farmer’s daughter, and Freida Blum, an elderly Jewish widow from New York. Freida knows just what Joshua needs: a bride. But it shouldn’t be Clara Brook!
Joshua tries everything he can think of to discourage Freida’s efforts, including a wager: if he can find Freida a husband, she’ll stop trying to find him a wife. Will either matchmaker succeed? Or is it Clara, despite her own scars, who can heal the doctor’s troubled heart?

Karen A. Wyle was born a Connecticut Yankee, but eventually settled in Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University. She now considers herself a Hoosier. Wyle's childhood ambition was to be the youngest ever published novelist. While writing her first novel at age 10, she was mortified to learn that some British upstart had beaten her to the goal at age 9.

Wyle is an appellate attorney, photographer, political junkie, and mother of two daughters. Her voice is the product of almost five decades of reading both literary and genre fiction. It is no doubt also influenced, although she hopes not fatally tainted, by her years of law practice. Her personal history has led her to focus on often-intertwined themes of family, communication, the impossibility of controlling events, and the persistence of unfinished business.

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Book Review ~ About A Rogue - Desperately Seeking Duke by Caroline Linden

About A Rogue

Desperately Seeking Duke


Caroline Linden

Amazing read and truly deserving of 5 Full Teacups! We first meet Lady Carlyle at the death of yet another son, the last heir to the Carlyle estate. She realizes there must ben an heir to take over Carlyle estate and since her son has died she is left to chose from three distant cousins. So, she decided to summon them all to Carlyle estate. One is a soldier, who is the most promising of the three, another who is a Frenchman, the least promising as they aren't even sure if he can be located, and then there is Maximillan St. James a gambler. After being summoned only the soldier and Max show up. She gives them each a sum of money and they have six months to prove themselves worthy of earning that money and they also must get married. Max has in mind exactly who he'll marry, he goes to the Tate's where he offers to marry Mr. Tate's daughter Cathy but Cathy doesn't love Max, she loves another and her sister Bianca is outraged that her father would pair her with such a rogue. So, she offers to take Cathy's place instead and let Bianca marry her love. The fake marriage goes off without a hitch that is until Bianca feels very drawn to the rakish Maximillan St. James. Will she allow herself to love him? Will he gain the Carlyle Dukedom in the end or end up gambling his life away?

This story was just riveting and kept me glued to the pages, sipping tea long into the wee hours of the morning! I absolutely loved Lady Carlyle, she reminded me of my grandmother, all decked out with her rings, fancy gowns, and sassy spirit. She definitely added a lot to this great tale and I'd love to see more characters like her! A remarkable story and one I would most highly recommend! 

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Book Review ~ The Devil of Downtown - Uptown Girls Series by Joanna Shupe

The Devil of Downtown

Uptown Girls


Joanna Shupe

Wow, Joanna Shupe does it again, another brilliant tale that is so well deserving of 5 Full Steaming Teacups! The Devil of Downtown, the newest in the Uptown Girls Series will take you on a most heartwarming, sensual, and deeply romantic ride! Jack Mulligan our hero of the tale is one of the most criminals of men out there yet one of the most influential and wealthy. He has created an empire for himself and in today's world, we would consider him a gang leader. He rules the underworld of the late 1800's New York City and everybody knows him and never messes with Mulligan. His life is going swimmingly perfectly and he likes lording over all of New York.

However, along comes sweet and demuring Justine Greene, a daughter of one of the wealthiest men of New York but she comes from the upscale side of the city a family who has always done what is right. Justine doesn't care about riches, balls, or the latest fashions, nor does she care about nabbing a husband. No, she cares about the poor of the city, the underprivileged, and those left behind by society. Most especially the women of the city and those who are banded by their husbands left to raise the children on their own with barely a cent to buy bread. Justine needs help for Mrs. Gorsey whose husband has abandoned her and he also works for none-other-than Jack Mulligan. She approaches Jack and in her spirited way insists that he must make Mr. Gorsey pay for his wife and child's support. Jack is taken back by this spirited "do-gooder" as he calls her. Soon he is very drawn to Justine, he can't get her out of his mind. She too can't get him out of her mind and at first, can't understand why she'd be drawn to such a dark man, but she soon learns under that dark outer core lies a very sweet and loving man.

Her family; however, does not approve of Mulligan, her sisters in particular are concerned with her. But Justine stands her ground and soon finds herself falling in love... will she marry Mulligan and change her life forever and can he give up his criminal ways for the sweet and gentle "do-gooder"?

I loved these two together, the sweet side of Justine soon melts the dark heart of Mulligan and the passion in this tale is dark and on fire! Shupe's writing is just impeccable and such amazing storylines that are just unexpected that keeps the reader glued to every word! I would most highly recommend The Devil of Downtown! 

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Book Review + New Release ~ To Catch An Earl - A Bow Street Bachelor's Novel by Kate Bateman

To Catch An Earl

A Bow Street Bachelor’s Novel


Kate Bateman

You will need 5 full cups of tea for this amazing new release! To Catch an Earl, the latest in A Bow Street Bachelor’s series by Kate Bateman is sure to take the romance world by storm! This book will take you on the twistiest, up and down ride of your life! Not only is it filled to the brim with deep romance and sensual passion but it’s also filled with intrigue, wonder, and mystery!

We first meet Emma Danvers and Alexander Harland at a masked party where they kiss in the garden and Emma (Emmy) leaves Alexander in a dash but he can’t ever forget that kiss and nor can she. Sometime later, Alexander who works for the Bow Street Runners and runs a club with his two friends, Benedict Wilde and Sebastian Wolff is in search of the NightJar who has been stealing precious jewels and unbeknownst to him the NightJar is his beloved Emmy. When investigating a break-in he smells the perfume she wore on the night of the masked ball and he knows it’s her! As things progress he soon connects with her and they begin to have feelings for one another but he also knows that he must do right by the police and that Emmy and her family should stand trial. However, there is a man who is putting a monkey wrench in everything with a threat to Emmy’s family and also there is a reason behind why Emmy steals the jewels. Emmy’s life is soon in danger and it is Alexander who comes to her aid and saves her; however, will he turn her over to the police or will he soon become her husband?

This story just kept me glued from the very beginning and I loved the chemistry between Emma and Alexander, the buildup to their awakening romantic feelings were so sweet and yes some passionate scenes but not like in other books, this book is a true romance and not just erotica claimed as romance, no, this is a deep story that you are going to want to dive into! Bateman’s writing is impeccable, her splashes of mystery and thrill mixed with deep emotions and romance are just truly unique and an amazing gift! I’d most highly recommend To Catch an Earl and the whole series!

Release Blitz ~ A Secret Surrender - The Pretenders by Darcy Burke

  Blurb A survivor of the mean streets of London’s East End, Selina Blackwell has learned to be a chameleon, and in her current iteration as...